Social Media Marketing

Duration: One Day



With the emergence of social media and its undeniable and universal impact on networking, communication and specifically business, this 2 day course has been designed for individuals who have only recently discovered or are just starting to use using this new technology and want to understand more about it and how it can help to maximise their promotional plans.

Course Objective

The specific aim of the course is to explain how social media works, what the various options available are and most importantly, how it can be applied to positively impact your business and your brands. As well the course will tie in the use of social media back into the broader marketing planning process to illustrate how the objectives and strategy used, fall out of the overall marketing plan for your brand or business.


I would like to complement Daniele Lima not only on his most professional delivery but also for his care for us all. The Social Media course was a most beneficial, brilliantly prepared and presented training course.

He is an outstanding presenter whose carefully explanation and valuable examples made this such a joy to be part of. No doubt every aspect of the discussion will stimulate change and opportunity for us.

Barbara MacDermid
Lake Mulwala
Lifestyle Village
Yarra Wonga - Mulwala

Learning Objectives

To Understand:

  • What is social networking
  • The marketing communications power shift and what it means for business
  • How does Web 2.0 differ from earlier digital marketing Web 1.0
    • One way outbound communication vs. two way inbound communication
  • How does it fit in to the overall marketing planning process
  • Integrating social media into your existing marketing plans
    • Finding your target audience online
    • The new rules of customer engagement
    • Consideration of required vs. available resources
  • The focus on the need for transparency
    • Openness replacing spin
  • What are the key marketing strategies involved in social media marketing campaigns
    • Commitment, Connecting, Communicating, Comprehending, Care, Controlling and Conquering
  • Potential downsides of social media
  • What are the currently available options, their benefits and how to effectively use them
  • How to synergise the options by integrate the various options
  • Creating Consumer Centric Content (C.C.C.C)
  • Applying Content to Popular Options
    • Networking Platforms
    • Blogs:
      • How to Blog and the relative advantages and disadvantages of blogging
    • Video sharing sites: Rationale and the benefits to business
    • Wikis: Their use and value
    • Slide sharing
    • Picture sharing
  • Risk and Reputation Management
    • Online reputation monitoring
    • Reputation management and (when required) repair
    • Strategies to manage potential risks
  • The Readiness Test for Any Firm
    • Criteria for Assessing your readiness or not
  • Key Metrics to Measure Outcomes
    • What are the key metrics
    • What key information to they deliver
    • How will this data be used
  • Measurement, Reporting and ROI.
    • Key tools to measure activity
    • Key Tools to monitor talk and reputation
    • Overall engagement and impact
    • The challenges around social media metrics
  • The Bottom line around implementation
    • People power, time and resources
    • Compliance
    • The law

Key Benefits

  • Simple, interactive modules that can be worked through at our convenience.
  • State of the art marketing skills designed to maximize the potential for your product
  • Comprehensive analysis of the key elements of Social Media Marketing

Who should attend this workshop?

Marketing and communication professionals who want to understand how to increase the effectiveness of their marketing plans in an increasingly competitive market place and with the added burden of a sluggish economic recovery following the global crisis of 08/09.

Over the two days the attendees will look at all the key aspects of social media marketing and how it can be used to augment existing ‘conventional’ marketing, whilst seamlessly integrating it with the new generation Web 2.0 marketing tools.

Pricing and further information

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