Sales Management

Duration: Two Days


In the Road Scholars: Sales Management program you will be taken through all the key sales management functions necessary to be a successful sales manager. This program combines theory that explains each key aspect of the sales management process with practical advice on translating that theory into everyday use. You will also look at practical exercises designed to help you fully understand the material and how it can be applied in a real world setting.

This course is specially designed to help sales representatives who already have a good feel for their products and markets. It provides the necessary skills to help achieve a sales management role in your industry.
It is perhaps the most challenging role in corporate life, managing a team of a dozen different and demanding representatives whose individual and collective efforts, determine whether or not your overall team sales objective is achieved. To achieve this success, a sales manager must be a combination of mentor, motivator, analyst and strategist.

This course will allow you to understand each of these roles and help you demonstrate them as required.

To Whom It May Concern,

I just wanted to reiterate my gratitude for the two day Road Scholars, Sales Management training course that I attended.

The nationally accredited course was approved for my attendance because of it's comprehensive agenda and it's matching to my ambition of leading a sales team in the near future.

What I was particularly impressed with was Daniele’s ability to link my own life experience and pharmaceutical experience when illustrating a point.

I believe this is what set this program apart and made it relevant and real to me.

Whilst the emphasise was on the big picture, he was always able to drill down to real life examples which brought the theory to life for me.

By way of this testimonial I’d like to thank him for a great couple of days of professional growth and reflection.

Malcolm Whitaker
Astra Zeneca
Sydney, Australia.

Program Goal

To provide the skills necessary for acquiring a role as a sales manager, so as to co ordinate the efforts and drive the performance of the team.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the role of the Sales Manager
  • Identify the various functions within the role of sales management
  • Understand the key to territory and team analysis
  • Understand how to translate broad product strategy into viable sales tactics
  • Appreciate the motivators that drive individuals
  • Learn how to manage you budget
  • Forecast Sales and analyse variances to budget
  • Learn to counsel representatives as required
  • Learn the coaching process used to measure and develop representative selling skills

Key Benefits

  • Simple, interactive modules that can be worked through at our convenience.
  • State of the art sales management skills designed to maximize the potential of your team
  • Comprehensive analysis of the Role of the Sales Manager
  • Unique bonus teleconference undertaken after course completion to reinforce your learnings.

Pricing and further information

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