Executive Communication Skills

Duration: One Day


In the Road Scholars: Executive Communication Skills program each student will learn how to put together and deliver a world class presentation on any topic of their choosing.As well each student will have the abilty to deliver the presentation on the day to have it indepentently reviewed, dual to gain valuable insight in to their own delivery style, content and presentation structure.

Program Goal

To provide the necessary skills to be able to present any presentation in any format to any form on any topic in a profeesional, measured and appropriate way.

Learning objectives

  • Understand who exactly your target audience is
  • Derive what their specific information needs are likely to be
  • Establish content objectives based on what your audience want and need to know
  • Understand how best to gather the gather the data based on known and available information sources
  • Differentiate between pre-prepared and tailored presentations
  • Establishing a simple framework around which any presentation can be effectivelyconstructed and delivered
  • I dentifying the vital elements to delivering effective and impactful presentations
  • Designing a robust and adaptable framework can be easily applied to any presentation
  • Delvelop key strategies to overcoming nerves
  • Identifig best methods to prepare for presentations
  • Understanding what constitutes an appropritae and inappropariate slide
  • Identification and demonstration of key communication skills used in your presentation

Key Benefits

  • Comprehensive coverage of all aspects involved in the: Planning, preparation and delivery of the presentation
  • Comprehensive analysis of key required presentation skills
  • Exposure to a robust, adaptable and easily applied framework around which any presentation can be quickly constructed

Additional Endorsements

I can only say that the day spent developing my communication and presentation skills was of immense benefit and went along way to helping me
not only understand how to do it, but also do it in a way that made me feel much more at ease.

Steven Conlin
Professional Pharmaceutical Representatives
Merck Sharpe & Dohme

Pricing and further information

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