Diploma of Management

Duration:Five Days (One day per month over five months)

Because of government funding, students may be eligible to sit the course at a greatly reduced fee.



With the need for strong managerial and leadership skills at an all time high, your ability to become an effective leader and team manager within the corporate environment needs to be built around state of the art skill sets that are proven to work in the modern era.

The Diploma of Management course will increase your future career prospects, by providing you with the requisite skills and insights required to maximise your leadership potential and position you as a key building block for any firm’s future development.

Course Objective

The objective of the Diploma of Management course is to provide you with a simple, robust and yet effective framework for leading from the front, and in so doing demonstrate the competencies required to support, nurture and augment the abilities within the team.

Learning Objectives

Each student will complete eight key units designed to provide candidates with valuable knowledge of the key processes and responsibilities of management.

The Eight Units from the Diploma are as Follows:

Manage Personal Work Priorities and Professional Development

This unit will provide you with the necessary skill to not only plan and manage your professional duties within your chosen role but just as importantly, to be able to design a blueprint for your professional development as your career progresses and an all-important, to be able to manage an appropriate work life balance from day to day.

Show Leadership in the Workplace

This unit will provide you with the full array of skills and knowledge to effectively function in a leadership role by fully articulating the duties, qualities and required traits that true leaders invariably possess and how they can motivate, encourage and inspire others to maximise their own potential.

Ensure Team Effectiveness

This unit will focus on how managers need to lead to effectively utilise the full array of knowledge, skill and experiences within any team environment and develop an environment that is conducive to professionalism and trust. This in turn allows the team to develop interpersonal relations and leverage synergies that are subsequently formed between team members.

Develop a Workplace Learning Environment

The responsibility and the dynamics required to set up a true learning environment lie squarely with management and the ability to do so is critical to an organisation’s ability to keep up with the ever-changing landscape within all modern day markets. This unit examines how an effective manager drives this requirement for ongoing learning as a central motivating imperative within any and all of their staff and the organisational processes and programs that are institutionalised to drive that learning and ongoing change.

Manage Operational Plan

From this unit the student will develop the ability to develop a fully professional and detailed operational plan that looks at the short term implementation of tactics that will support the organisation in achieving its longer term strategic planning goals. Within this there are several fundamental operational models that will be reviewed and discussed from which any operational plan can be based. Within the plan you will also learn the key components of allocation of personnel, accountabilities, resources, timings and outcome reviews and planning adjustments that are fundamentals to the operational planning process.

Facilitate Continuous Improvement

Based equally on the inevitability of shifting market dynamics, continuous learning and organisational adjustment, this unit discusses the need to search for and implement ongoing, continuous improvements into all aspects of their organisation structure and business operations. These improvements need to be identified, shared and efficiently woven into the fabric of the organisation with minimal disruption and maximum effect to ensure the maintenance of an optimum operating environment.

Manage Quality Customer Service

Perhaps the most understated and underutilised potential for product differentiation remains squarely in the realm of improved and better managed customer service, where one organisation can effectively distance itself from key rivals with more effective customer service policies and standards of personal care. This unit will explore this vital area of business and fully examine the keys to setting up, maintaining and refining a winning edge for your team and organisation.

Manage Budgets and Financial Plans

This unit is based on providing each student with a thorough understanding of the indispensable financial processes and reporting procedures that underpin financial management and the key reports that all managers must be cognisant of with a sound ability to understand and interpret the information being made available to effectively monitor, evaluate and manage the ongoing financial status of their team, department or organisation.

Key Benefits

  • Training conducted by experienced and successful managers, with the proven leadership background and technical expertise to facilitate discussions and learning at this level.
  • Diploma runs over a total of five days over a five month period (one day per month).
  • Assessment is purely measured through assignment work.
  • Completion of diploma by student will exempt them from the first year of a related business degree, with clearly approved pathways established to university based on mapping done at Swinburne University (Melbourne).

Who should attend?

The Diploma of Management course has been designed for both current managers looking to enhance their leadership and management skills, as well as non managerial staff looking to learn and grow the skills required to both make the grade and conquer the challenges routinely faced by managers globally.

To qualify for the Government grant for the the Diploma of Management, you cannot already have done either another diploma or degree course. If you have previously done either a diploma or a degree, and you wish to do the Diploma of Management, you will not be eligible for Government assistance.

Click on the link to watch a brief video with more information about the course.

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Mr Daniele Lima from Road Scholars conducted Training Sessions on behalf of Pollard Institute. The course name was 'Diploma of Management' which covered various modules including Manage personal work priorities and professional development, Show leadership in the workplace, Ensure team effectiveness, Develop a workplace learning environment, Manage operational plan, Facilitate continuous improvement, Manage quality customer service and Manage budgets and financial plans.

Daniele displayed professional lecturing and teaching skills required to expound knowledge to staff at MDI Radiology. Daniele proved to be very helpful in assisting MDI Radiology staff in answering their questions and consolidating concepts covered by the course content and by asking questions to bring out the knowledge required to improve management skills.

As one of his students I would recommend Daniele Lima as an excellent communicator and expounder of knowledge who would bring out the best in his students.

Charlotte Stockham
Accounts Officer
MDI Radiology Pty Ltd

Mr Daniele Lima has shown his very professional teaching skills during the course "Diploma of Management".

As I come from China, English is my second language. I was afraid of not catching all the meaning on his course. However this never happened. Daniele was so patient for me, trying to explain everything that I could not understand or not catch exactly. I felt so free in his class and we still did interaction discussion and communication successfully.

Daniele has demonstrated his strong knowledge in this major and as his student I also strongly recommend that he deserves the advanced career in his future.

Jessica Su
Payroll Officer
MDI Radiology Pty Ltd

I have just completed my Diploma of Management through Pollard Institute and want to say I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Our teacher, Daniele Lima was excellent in his approach and we had every opportunity to ask questions and make sure we understood each thing before moving onto the next. Daniele always had real life examples to tell us about which helped us understand things better. He was flexible with time and made the study enjoyable instead of a task.

Thank you to Daniele and I hope I can do further study in the future with Pollard Institute.

Peita Carroll
HR Manager
MDI Radiology

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