Behavioural Styles

Duration: One day


The Road Scholars: Personality Profiles program demonstrates the four basic behavioural types to which all individuals belong.

Course Objective

The program participants how to recognize the distinctive set of behaviors linked to each personality type and importantly what you need to do to effectively meet the needs of each group in a way that makes the individual comfortable with you, given your own personality profile. This heightened level of comfort is the basis upon which meaningful and long lasting relationships can be built over time.

Course Outcomes:

  • Describe the 4 basic personality profiles
  • Identify the specific behaviours that identify each individual personality profile
  • Understand the needs of each personality profile
  • Understand which behaviours and situations each group wants to avoid at all costs
  • Learn the specific behaviours modifications required to put individuals from each group at ease

After attending Daniele Lima’s Behavioural Styles course, my sales team was more effective in analysing their customer’s behavioural characteristics and needs.

As a result, the sales representatives were now better able to adapt their own social style to effectively communicate to their customers.

This was the first crucial step in building trust and long term customer partnerships.

I would highly recommend the course to anyone looking to improve these vital interpersonal skills.

Shirl Fankhauser
National Sales Manager
Dornier Medtech

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