It is with pleasure that I write this reference for Daniele Lima of Road Scholars Training and Strategic Consultancy.

Daniele was employed by Septimus Jones and Lee as a marketing & management consultant, to work with me on a one on one basis to market me personally and the firm.

Daniele and I met almost monthly over the last three years and during that time we worked on my profile. Daniele helped me develop the firm's blog and my presence on LinkedIn and helped me to explore other social media platforms that were relevant for the marketing of legal services.

Daniele also approached various organisations on my behalf which led to me submitting papers to a number of professional journals, which were published, and also gave me the opportunity to speak about family law to a number of professional, sporting clubs.

Daniele is very easy to work with. He encouraged me to push the boundaries and market myself in areas that I would not have considered, that said, if I was not comfortable in doing something he suggested he would come up with an alternative approach that I was comfortable with.

Daniele has an enthusiasm for what he does which is somewhat infectious. He inspired me to think outside the square and move away from what lawyers would see as "traditional" marketing.

I very much enjoyed working with Daniele and believe that my practice benefitted from our time together.

I have no difficulty in recommending Daniele to anyone needing marketing expertise. I have no doubt that Daniele will inspire anyone or any company he works with.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with respect to this reference. I note for this purpose that after 14 June 2013 I will be working for Paterson and Dowding in Perth on 08 9226 3300.

Nicola Watts
Family Law Solicitor
Septimus Jones & Lee Solicitors

Daniele Lima has consulted and supported SJL over the four last years in its networking, marketing and social media learning and development.

His warmth, enthusiasm and inspiration has stimulated our firm to take opportunities, grow and progress with the times.

We are eternally grateful to Daniele for his intuitive foresight and look forward to working with him in our future endeavours.

David Jones
CEO and Senior Partner
Septimus Jones & Lee Solicitors

Daniele Lima has acted as a consultant in Marketing, for MDI Radiology since 2009. Invited initially to advise on the strategy for the marketing department, he subsequently trained marketing staff, sales managers and sales representatives, and further developed and taught the Diploma of Management course concurrently to several of our staff including some of our middle managers, who had no formal management training previously. He now consults within the marketing team on a regular basis, as a support and development agent.

Daniele brings with him a skill set that is rarely seen in a consultant. Obviously he "knows his stuff" and comes with an A368 of experience. It is however his quiet soft manner and gentle persuasive techniques that set him apart form the others, particularly as a change agent. He understands the limited budgets of small startups, but doesn't let the budget reflect or constrain his contribution and energy to any project he is involved in.

His lateral thinking, ability to know what is the latest 'happening' fad,and the clear logic with which he uses to express his arguments and convince the toughest crowd (the medical fraternity) makes him unique. He has improved our sales and marketing team - and indeed our sales!

But what really rubber stamps the man is his integrity, honesty and the simplicity of approach, which makes him an integral part of the MDI Radiology family. He has never taken advantage of his unique status, is always ready to help out at a moment's notice, and will readily help outeither to advise, network or help the organization even if there is no remunerative element attached. He lives his craft and message and above all - believes in himself and his clients.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Daniele's service offering to anyone considering a fresh approach.

Clinton Athaide
Managing Director
MDI Radiology

It is an honor to provide a reference for Daniele A. Lima.

Daniele is a true innovative leader who understands the critical, but often missing pieces of business strategy, and has a phenomenal ability to bring organizations to a heighten level of awareness. He possess years of experience in sales and marketing, and devotes his time to aiding organizations in transforming those principles and theories into measurable, revenue generating tactics. Having worked with Daniele on several global projects, I can attest to the incredible interpersonal skills, and keen business insight that he possesses. I have witnessed firsthand his ability to positively influence at every level of the organization turning ill-performing businesses into thriving, highly productive, profit generating enterprises.

Frances A Walls
Senior Consultant

Daniele Lima has worked as a consultant marketing strategist and business trainer for me for the last six years.

In that time he has played a key role in developing and implementing both strategic and tactical plans that have resulted from our changing structure and business goals.

Daniele has consistently delivered on every commitment in a timely and professional manner and continues to be integrally involved in our plans moving forward.

Daniele posses both technical skill and a real world approach for translating great ideas into practical and useful tools that can and do give us a competitive edge in the market place.

I can recommend him a s a consultant and trainer to any business requiring additional support to achieve their business goals.

Yours Sincerely,
Marini Milonas
Sales and Marketing Director
Cloud 8 Health

To Whom it May concern

I recently attended the 'Manage the Marketing Process' Course conducted by Daniele Lima.

Part of my background is in Public Relations and Communications which gives me particular insight into the quality of the speaker and the content at such a course.

I was very impressed with Daniele. I thought he knew his content very well and he delivered it with enthusiasm and with sensitivity to the various different needs and backgrounds of those in attendance.

In fact, I was so taken that I have had him present a similar seminar to our law firm subsequently which was a great success and now look forward to continuing to working with him more closely as a consultant.

Mark Carrazzo
Corporate Advisor and Legal Counsel
LLB, B.Ec., Grad Dip Advanced Finance & Investment

To whom it may concern:

Daniele Lima has worked as a consultant strategic business and marketing innovator for my business Compoundia for three years. In that time he has been of immense assistance in overseeing many vital and key strategic changes that we have made to counteract not only the changing nature of the business market, but also the uncertain and fluctuating current economy.

Despite the fact that many businesses have suffered economically in the last year due to the economic downturn, I'm pleased to ay that Compoundia defied this trend and has continued to grow and I believe that many of the strategies Daniele has come up, along with and his timely and expert training of my staff have given us a keen edge in such a competitive industry. In fact in conjunction with my accountant and financial advisor, Daniele was pivotal in helping me win the 2008 City of Melbourne, Small Business Award for Innovation.

Daniele has great vision and business nous and I can recommend him to any business that feels that it may need an additional edge to maximise their chances of success.

Yours Sincerely,
Bert Frigo
Managing Director and
Consultant Pharmacist
Compoundia (Australia) Pty. Ltd.

To whom it may concern

Whoever is reading this is a very lucky person because you have a fabulous prospect before you. Daniele makes it easy to understand marketing and the opportunities it presents.

We needed assistance with our brand and its potential because we were much too close to observe what our potential could be. Considering this is what we do for a living we had to find some who was a good fit for us!

Daniele communicates very clearly in a language that is easy to understand and to easy to put into practice. We found we had a good outcome out the end of the day that ensured a direction and path for us to follow.

Yours sincerely
Ros Lawson
Managing Director
RL Design

To whom it may concern,

Daniele Lima has been our marketing and strategic consultant at Very For Men now for just on a year.

And what a year it’s been. In that time Daniele has given us real strategic direction that we have been able to build on in terms of how to market and build our brand Very for Men skin care range for men. As well we have a much better understanding as to exactly who out target audience is and how we need to communicate with them to be most effective.
As well we now have an amazing website that reflects this audiences needs resulting in a huge increase in traffic to the site.

As we move forward Daniele is guiding through each stage of the marketing planning process and helping us to systematically increase our level of brand awareness and consolidate our brands positioning for the future. Thankfully high impact without a huge costs others have quoted me.

Winnie Woo
Founder and Managing Director
Very for Men
Mens Skin Care Range

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