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Road Scholars Training assist organisations by delivering custom built training programs that are specifically designed to meet their most pressing unmet needs. These programs are designed from scratch with only the your organisational need to drive what it will look like.

Since our beginning in 2004, our approach as always been to begin with the problem and subsequent needs in mind with a view to creating a desired business outcome.

The plan being developed will be both strategic and further on, tactical in nature, with a practical approach to both its implementation and subsequent performance measurement and evaluation. The key focus of the plan can be on any single issue or issues ranging from developing points of product differentiation and product rebranding to raising the level of emotional intelligence within your group or developing and implementing more strategic plans within your sales force.

As you would expect, Road Scholars works closely with all its clients to fully understand the real issues and only then to develop a specific program designed to address that particular problem. We know that there are no '38 regulars off the rack' solutions that work effectively and are committed to creating ones that do.

Once the custom built solution is built, Road Scholars then works to help implement and monitor it's effectiveness to your organisation, to ensure that continues to deliver all the required benefits and outcomes.

To whom it may concern,

Nitto Denko Australia is a subsidiary of Nitto Denko Corporation in Japan, which comprises of 104 companies in over 20 countries and has a sales turnover of US$7.4b (FY2011).

As the Australian subsidiary of this large global company, there is always an expectation on us to challenge aggressive growth in the business; however, to achieve these growth expectations, it was apparent that we needed to step up to a new level in our selling capabilities.

My greatest concern was how to invest in developing our sales team with the long term in mind. Experience had shown me that short courses or one-two day training camps were interesting and informative but they failed to effect change in the behavior of people over the long term.

The solution was to integrate a method of applied learning into the business whereby we could align a training program to our strategic activity plans.

Daniele came to us to specifically help us develop a program that would incorporate our business culture into a sales training program that would advance the skills of the team to the levels needed.

Daniele’s approach to ideas, facilitation and mentoring of the team throughout this program exceeded all my expectations. It changed not only the behaviors and mindset of our sales team, but it improved the ways in which we managed our people and seriously challenged our strategic approach to our customers. It was an innovative program that delivered us real and tangible results, at multiple levels, and it has now become a key foundation for driving our business growth into the future. It was simply an outstanding outcome!

I would strongly recommend to any company that is serious in investing in the development of their people, aimed to support the growth of their business, to meet with Daniele and discuss the best solution for their needs.

I sincerely thank Daniele for his outstanding support and valuable contribution to our business success.

Yours sincerely,
Michael Finn
General Manager, Sales
Nitto Denko

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