Daniele Lima has been featured in

Daniele Lima has been featured in these publications


Business First Understanding the Importance of Independent Website and Digital Channel Reviews PDF 1.03MB
Marketing Magazine Where Should Your Brand Focus First
Times of Malta Positioning Your Business PDF 295KB
Marketing Magazine Brand Awareness PDF 173KB
Marketing Magazine Around the Table PDF 292KB
Marketing Magazine The Power of a Plan PDF 598KB
Marketing Magazine Marketing Simplified PDF 339KB
Marketing Magazine Beyond the Simple SWOT PDF 446KB
Business Excellence Five Marketing Pitfalls to Avoid PDF 247KB
Wealth Creator Marketing Mix PDF 259KB
Australian Doctor Pick and Choose PDF 446KB

Emotional Intelligence

My Business How to kick-start your motivation
Marketing Magazine The emotionally intelligent salesperson PDF 878KB
Times of Malta Emotional intelligence: driving more effective sales performances
ARCS Magazine The Emerging Key to Achieving Better Professional Relationships PDF 408KB
Mortgage and Finance BRIEF Read My Mind PDF 344KB

Customer Service

Marketing Magazine From the shabby to the sublime PDF 600KB
Marketing Magazine You've been served PDF 198KB
Marketing Magazine Are you being served? PDF 1MB

Social Media

Franchise Review #50 Issue 2 2017 - Social Media Marketing. The New & Effective Way to Gain and Engage Clients. PDF 1.4MB
Malta Times Digital integration during uncertain economic times PDF 111KB
The Australian Journal of Pharmacy Social Media Marketing PDF 284KB
The Australian Journal of Pharmacy Social Media, Health Promotions and a Point of Difference PDF 606KB
Marketing Magazine Social Media Tips PDF 1.5MB
Marketing Magazine Seven Steps to Social Media Success PDF 369KB


Financial Review Thinking Big, Acting Small PDF 499KB
The Australian Journal of Pharmacy Upgrade Business Skills for Free PDF 542KB

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The Practical Guide to Selling With Emotional Intelligence

A clear step forward in sales training which has achieved the perfect alignment between selling and emotional intelligence skills. A must read for any serious sales professional.

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Marketing Works

At last a book about marketing has been written by people who actually do understand what marketing is.

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